Something to Consider . . .

Let’s say that the Courts return a decision that all of the Uber and Lyft Drivers are employees. Do you want to be a minimum wage employee? Do you actually want to be given shifts to work that are set values instead of driving when you want to? Do you want to drive at the rates they set for their employees? Not me! I want to remain an Independent Contractor! But, . . .

I do not want to work for a pay rate that changes every other day, that uses bullshit guarantees, or that doesn’t even pay above minimum wage. I want a contract that says how much, when, and how I get paid, that does not change except by agreement by a selected representative that I have voted to represent me. I want guarantees that my area will not be flooded with so many drivers that it becomes impossible to get fares without there being so few that it does not pay for my gas. I do not want to be rated by drunks, dopers, or the competition. If I am to be rated, I would prefer my rating be performed by one of my peers, or an independent rater agreed upon by my representative with an appeal process built in.

As a Rider do you want to be subjected to angry drivers no different than riding taxi’s. Do you want the Ride-Hail services to become another Taxi company? No you don’t. You want the Ride-Hail services that we had in the middle of 2014 back, don’t you?

If that is what you want, how do you think you are going to get the Ride-Hail Company and the Courts to listen? Do you believe that you alone are going to be able to walk into their office and make demands? Not going to happen my friend. To get this, you have to unify your voice and form an Association where you vote upon the leadership and accept a representative to speak in your behalf to bargain with the powers that be, to try to get you the things you want . . . for everybody.

Unless your FB Group can speak for all of the Drivers everywhere, it only works as a FB Group. Unless your FB Group is a registered non-profit corporation, it is only a FB Group. Unless your FB Group is a legal Association voted upon to serve as your representative for contract negotiation, it is only a FB Group. This is not to say formation of FB Groups is not also a good thing, just saying that all the FB Groups need to join the Association for furtherance of your cause. A FB Group unaffiliated with an Association is missing the opportunity to be heard when it comes time to be heard. When it comes time to negotiate a contract, an elected representative of all the drivers is who will be able to step up to the podium and be heard. He/she will be the one to discuss issues with politicians and community leaders. He/she will be the one that recommends the membership perform work stoppage or strike actions.

But, unless you are part of that Association, unless an Association is formed, unless Drivers take action now . . . We will be at the mercy of those that do not care about our needs, or our futures, and they will subject us to what they want and to keep our jobs, much like right now . . . we will have to take the scraps they give us.

Is that what you want? Is that the future of Ride-Hail services? YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Join us today.

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