A Little About Myself . . .

Most of you folks would not think me a person that cares for critters. You know, dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, rats, worms, and other assorted animal type of critters. I almost listed children, but I do not have any little ones any more. Allow me to tell you of my “main man.” This is “Bug-Bug” and he is without a doubt the boss of the block:

bubbug1He is the most independent cat I have ever known and like I said, he runs the block. There is not a cat within the whole block we live in that Bug-Bug hasn’t discussed who is in charge with. It seems like he comes by ever every other night or so, with a new wound of one sort or another. But, we have watched him on numerous occasions to launch himself from wherever he is perched pouncing upon a neighborhood feline and proceed  to run his ass right out of the neighborhood. That is, except the ladies.

He came home a while back with a smoke colored female that was absolutely feral. This gal was as feral as they can get, and she did not want anything to do with humans. But, she followed him around, had his baby, and then just like any other stray antisocial woman split, taking the baby with her. (Okay calm down, II ‘m joking) Actually we figure the local dog catcher picked them up. We were unable to locate either of them and as they were very hostile around people, I figure one of the neighbors called on them. There were here one day and gone the next. We haven’t seen them since.

Bug-Bug is a pretty cool cat. He is a mix-breed alley cat with a bit of Siamese in him to give him his colors. He picks where and when he will be social with humans and doesbugbug2 not like to be held by anybody. But, on his terms he is quite affectionate. When he wants something to eat, he will bump, rub, slide, and climb right up on the desk sitting or standing on the keyboard until you move it so he can lay down to let you pet him. Then you  need to feed him, before he gives you the look:

He will sit there with that stare locked on you until he is done with you. You can actually feel this cat’s stare from across the room or yard in the case of this picture. He projects something that leads me to believe in reincarnation sometimes. I just cannot figure out who I pissed off bad enough to come back as a cat to haunt me. look at those eyes. I guarantee he did not move for the better part of an hour, constantly staring at me

Sometimes, out of the blue and totally out of character for himself, he will decide he wants some quality time with me. And these times, are very seldom and always far between. He will just pull up a section of the bed, the couch, bugbug3or whatever chair I am snoring in, and join me. The very second that anybody shows any kind of attention to him he will stand up stretch and be on his way without even a glance back. And, maybe come home that night, the next day, or the next week. Of course, I worry about him. He just has no fear. I’ll see him out in the street stopping traffic while he crosses like he was a full grown lion. I know some day he is just going to pull a driver out of his car and whoop his ass for driving too fast through the neighborhood, if he hasn’t done so already. I expect him to show up any day with a row of 8 or 10 kittens following him. I am serious, I think he has a gal in every port on this block and I’ll bet he is eating at at least two other houses.

Okay enough about my cat. Maybe if you are interested I will tell you about some of my other critters that are running around in my yard. I have enough critters around here that we could call my place a farm or a zoo in depends on what the human interest is at the time I guess. Well, you all got any critters running around your place? If you do, I am sure that they have personalities and attitudes just like mine do. So, tell us about them. Until next time . . .

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