The Voice: 2015

Every so often I just browse the “amateur audition make you famous” sites like “The Voice” and a few others. It is kind of cool checking out some of the people and how they do not appear to be what they are. It’s almost as though you cannot believe the voice you hear really came from that person. Here is a couple I liked, without understanding why. I just liked them, you  might also.

Rob Taylor: “I Want You”

Wait fore the high notes. . .Where did he pull the high notes from. Damn . . .

Sarah Potenza: “Stay With Me”

This gal will also surprise you . . . She looks younger after the song, but rocks it like she is from the 70’s when she sings.

That’s what I have for now folks, been real busy lately trying to do my thing out there in the real world. Of course I do not get paid for it. If I did I would be able to talk somebody else into doing it.

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