Police: Student arrested for sex with sheep | HLNtv.com

This is not a new story, but I just happened to see it now and it made me think . . .

Police: Student arrested for sex with sheep | HLNtv.com

Why would a person be such a freak to abuse an animal sexually. I mean, we have all heard jokes about having a gal in the herd that wears a ribbon around her neck so her Bo’ can find her after dark, but those are just jokes aren’t they? Apparently not. The world is full of “freaks” for sexual fetish. There are folks that get freaky for all sorts of things. Some people like it rough and some like it soft. There are exhibitionists, and those into S & M. Others get into so many things I just do not want to make the list. But, then you have Bestiality, which is getting your freak on with an animal.

It’s bad enough that you have to worry about your friends and family because we all know there are a whole bunch of sexual predators out there, but do we really have to worry about the sheep at the local college pasture/stable? Well the gent in the subject story (click the link above to see it) is a college student that after trying to lie to the cops, admitted to doing the freak with one of the local sheep which had been observed by the arresting officers.

With so many people giving themselves freely almost everywhere in today’s society, why would you want to do the “nasty” with a sheep. hell, there are beautiful young women that will dress up like a sheep if you ask them to. I thought the 70’s was the “free sex revolution.”  If that is true, then today is the “free freak sex revolution” as you can pretty much get a sexual partner to do damn near anything you seek, and not have to pay for it.

What kind of punishment do you get for doing it with a sheep? I would think the embarrassment of being arrested for it would be enough. Are you put on the National Sex Offender List with a requirement that you not reside in the proximity of anyplace that had sheep stabled? Are you required to stay 100 feet away from any pastures that sheep roam in? Or, are you required to purchase the affected sheep in case of contamination by your sex act and allowed to take them home with you?

Could this be an addiction? Are there Recovery programs to beat the addiction? How about a 12 Step program for this? There has to be support groups for this. There are support groups for damn near everything, real or not. I guess we are going to start keeping an eye on the critters on the farms and in the stables . . . Cause they is some freaks out there want to get freaky with them.

(Sorry folks, as much as I didn’t want to write this topic, it just wouldn’t let me leave it alone. “Honey, I am installing security cameras in Bessie’s stable.”)

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