Smell the Truth » Marijuana is safer than all recreational drugs, new study finds

Marijuana Users jump for joy! Don’t get crazy, ya’ all were pretty happy before this

Smell the Truth » Marijuana is safer than all recreational drugs, new study finds

But, isn’t this some interesting news? this is why we feel as though our Government corrupt and unjust. Do you realize that for over 45 years Marijuana has been given a bad rap, claims of it being so dangerous, and so on and so forth. Now get this, Marijuana is 114 rimes less likely to harm you than other recreational drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. 114 TIMES! The subject story goes on to say that Alcohol is the most dangerous, being more dangerous than meth or cocaine.

I do not even smoke or do weed, and this just offends the hell out of me. What pompous ass politician decided it was acceptable to lie to the American public over and over for the past 45 plus years? For over 45 years our Government has lied to us overstating the dangers of Marijuana, while understating the dangers of alcohol. What other lies is our government feeding us? Do you have any idea how many people have been incarcerated because of marijuana? How about how many medical users have been denied access to marijuana  for the past 45 plus years. Consider the pains they lived through because some politician decided  to lie to all of America and cause enforcement of laws that should have never of been written. The laws are all based on lies.

My God, consider the lives changed by this persons lies. Students lost educational benefits, Black People nation-wide were victims of enforcement of lies laws. Of course there were other races also subjected to this abuse, but Blacks were sentenced to much higher punishments by the Courts. All because our Government lied to us.

Every Politician in office today should be removed from office and legitimate honest politicians should be placed in the vacancies. Everybody in a administrative position in the FDA, needs to be fired. Every Judge that has sentenced anyone any form of punishment for use of marijuana needs to be charged with “false imprisonment” and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Add District Attorneys and anybody else responsible for the arrest of citizens for marijuana offenses.

Do you  realize how many people were destroyed because they experimented with marijuana? The families harmed by one of the family being incarcerated in our prisons. And I cannot say this enough . . . The medical patients that could have benefitted by use of marijuana as a treatment.

This Country suddenly is worse than a Communist country. Why? Because our politicians conspired to prevent the use of marijuana claiming it so dangerous that it had to be specified a class 1 narcotic, when in act it never posed such a threat to marijuana users. Do you understand the magnitude of this conspiracy? They even took measures to hinder any form of research be conducted here in the United States that would have disclosed their conspiracy.

We have believed ourselves in the “Land of the Free” when in actuality we have been living in the land of the lied to for over 45 years. There is not a politician in office today or yesterday that deserves our trust in any fashion moving forward. What a bunch of deceitful bullshit America is today.

4 thoughts on “Smell the Truth » Marijuana is safer than all recreational drugs, new study finds

  1. and how many cancer patients have died because they could not get 100% pure Hemp oil or cannabis, both are known cancer killers, both shrink tumors, and in some cases have cured cancer (Google Rick Simpson – run from the cure) this guy cured himself of cancer with hemp oil, then wound up serving a prison sentence for using it, promoting it and speaking out against the government and medical world. Cannabis also hardens the enamel on your teeth, which in turns cuts down on dental problems. Cannabis helps and cures a vast number of diseases and ailments , yet the governments in North America will tell you lies and try to keep it illegal.

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  2. It is safe… It was never illegal in India.. In other words, it’s never been a problem here. It is part of our religion, with respects to the beliefs of some sects.


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