Is your penis size ‘normal’? –

I now, have a far better understanding of the world, sex, & relationships

Is your penis size ‘normal’? –

I mean it all makes much better sense now. All the hardship, all the grief, all the bullshit all the creation of powerful men with small penis. I can see it, can’t you? Our subject story (via the link above) discusses the “normal” size of a man’s penis and while I revel in the pleasures of abnormality. I seriously question if every screwed up act committed by man may not also be relative to the size of his penis. Am I making sense here?

This study places the normal size of men’s penis at less than 6 inches. No wonder men are so aggressive and posturing. If I had to walk through life with less than a 6 inch penis, I would likely be a mean person. A terribly mean person. A person that would intentionally create havoc at every turn. There would likely be mayhem in the streets if such was my case. Now I understand. All this bullshit from other men relates to having a normal penis size. Okay, I jest. Maybe.

Men are very insecure when it comes to penis size. Many must boast of being larger than reality if normal is in fact less than 6 inches in length. What effect does this have on men, especially powerful men? I can easily see how a man less endowed might be a bit of “more offensive” than necessary. It almost makes sense why certain men act the way they do. Consider the powerful men common to our news media. the rich, the powerful, the uncaring, the abusers, and the takers, all a reflection of their penis size. I have heard of scientific studies that suggested a person more likely to be criminal based upon the closeness of his eyes and similar notions. I have never heard of such a study relative to criminality based upon penis size. I mean could it be possible that all men that are one type of criminal are of similar penis size?

It already goes without scientific study that most men powerful in business are likely to be of normal penis size. It takes little thought to understand that their ability to run a multi-billion dollar corporation is probably because they do not think with their penis, where the opposite is too busy thinking with his to do much else. ( Certainly, I jest. If you cannot make fun of the size of a man’s penis . . .)

But, consider this. Men are all little boys who want to be the best over another. If a man cannot beat you in one way, he will excel in another way to beat his adversary. Men with a larger than normal penis size, while confident seem to have already achieved their stature. Lesser penis sized men likely have to attain a different level of stature from something else.

Actually folks, I have no idea what I am talking about. As a man I am merely jubilant that the subject story is favorable of me and felt like playing with the results just to joke around. I do not have any idea how penis size effects anybody nor what it may have to do with powerful or even weak men. Read the subject story by clicking the link at the top of this article and make up your own opinion regarding how penis size impacts us all. . .

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