Document: Justice reports finds systematic discrimination by police in Ferguson –

dojfergusonMy God. How in this day and age does such a City exist?

Document: Justice reports finds systematic discrimination by police in Ferguson –

If you read the D.O.J. Report on the City of Ferguson you will likely believe you have stepped back in time and expect to find “Boss Hawg” serving as the Municipal Court Judge. Do places like Ferguson really still exist? WTF is wrong with us, that we allow it to be like this?

The report speaks specifically about how “revenue based enforcement” is the crux of the policing failures in Ferguson. While this may be true, doesn’t anyone in the city see the difference between right and wrong? The Court, Court Staff, Prosecuting Attorney, City Attorney, and everybody in the City Finance Department needs to be arrested and charged with conspiracy to violate numerous rights violations, found guilty of the charges without an impartial Judge or trial, and sentenced to imprisonment in a State Prison for a period of not less than 10 years for the crimes they have caused committed to the Ferguson community.

The disparity of offenses to Blacks in Ferguson is unbelievable. This kind of racial abuse does not exist in America today, or does it? I will not run on and on about the D.O.J.ferguson1 Report because you have to read it yourself to believe it. My God America we have failed to do one of the things we fought most for in the 60’s and 70’s. There is no Civil or Constitutional Rights in Ferguson at all. They should close down the City and move everyone someplace where they can live in a a community where the City and the Police are not more criminal than the criminals.

READ THE REPORT! Follow the link above . . .   

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