More Than 650 Photos of Nude, Semi-Nude Teens At Center Of East Bay High School Social Media Scandal « CBS San Francisco

She is now 22 years old, either trying out for a new job as something special and somebody finds these pictures . . .

More Than 650 Photos of Nude, Semi-Nude Teens At Center Of East Bay High School Social Media Scandal « CBS San Francisco

That would be the fear I would have for my daughter were she involved in this incident. You know that there are numerous boys that downloaded the entire collection of pictures and still has them secreted away on his computer.

The subject story discusses a local High School in which students apparently have been sharing nude and semi-nude pictures of themselves for the past 4 years. 650 pics were found in an Internet Dropbox.

The link is mostly shared among male students, and some even receive it for their birthdays. Some girls are in possession of the link as well.

Boys post pictures that they have received from girls that the girls have taken themselves. Other times the boy has taken the photo himself, or he screenshots a facetime or snapchat conversation.

Can you imagine your daughters picture being used against her at some time in her future? Because these pictures are not gone. These pictures are still out there on somebody’s computer or stored on CD’s, but somewhere other than gone. When teenagers do stupid, they do not concern themselves with any possible repercussions for their acts. They just see it as being “cool” to follow their peers  and believe nothing bad can happen to them. What these teenagers believe today won’t hurt them, may hurt them in years to come.

How many stories have you heard of in which a woman was in a situation where disclosure of her adolescent pictures would cause her serious harm and the girl end up being blackmailed to keep the pictures hidden? At least one young man that had access to these pictures already has this idea in mind. Years from now at the most inopportune time, they will suddenly pop up and pose a threat to at least one of these students. What should the girl do?

Right now, today, this girl needs to talk to her parents and admit her involvement. Why? Because her parents although probably angered about it, will still love the girl and protect her from anyone trying to take advantage of their daughter. Then if the pictures do come into question later in life, do not deny, do not panic, and do not fret. Simply admit the pictures yours and invite whomever is trying to use the pictures against you, to do whatever they want with the pictures and then let it be. Contact local police and advise them of thee situation so that they may investigate the matter and possibly arrest the involved persons. Keep in mind, if they are trying to use your pictures against you, they likely are doing the same to others that were part of this situation. I know it sounds like a bad decision, but by just accepting the fact that something is probably come of this in the future and owning your mistake will let you handle the possible threat of problems in the future. Disclose your mistake to people that will likely have issue with it in the future, such as your future husband. Admit to being young and careless and that will provide you the defense needed should these pictures come back to haunt you later in life.

Under no circumstance should you allow yourself be taken advantage of or blackmailed in one way or another. Sooner or later the blackmail will be discovered and whatever they have forced you into will be far more severe than these pictures ever could be. But, then again . . .    Maybe these pictures are gone for good never to surface again. Good luck in your future children. I am serious, to “Own The Situation” is your best defense.

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