Frat member defends posting photos of nude women – CNN Video

I almost hate to do anything in agreement with Nancy Grace but, maybe this time . . .

Frat member defends posting photos of nude women – CNN Video

AT State College in Pennsylvania  I guess some frat boys posted some pics of some nude and unconscious college girls. In the subject video one of the frat boys tries to defend the act as funny and not intended to be demeaning of the women.

As I said, I really don’t like to side with Nancy Grace, but there are questions that immediately come to mind in this situation.

  • How were the women rendered unconscious? Alcohol, drugs, hit over the head?
  • How were the women’s clothing removed? Did they remove their own clothing while under the influence? Was their clothing removed without their consent due to being under the influence and/or unconscious?
  • And, how the hell can taking nude photos of young women and posting them on the Internet be considered funny and not demeaning to these women? Does the frat know how many people have downloaded copies of those pictures? Did the frat consider that these women will likely have to drop out of school to separate themselves from the embarrassment caused by this? Which of the young women will not be able to face her family or friends in this situation?
  • Then we come to the obvious. Did any of the frat boys do anything sexual with the unconscious women? Nobody? Your lying. There is absolutely no way that a group of frat boys that demonstrate as poor decision making skills as this lot does, that they did not take advantage of the situation with these women.

First every swinging dick in the frat needs to be arrested for suspicion of sexual assault. Then an investigation needs to be conducted to determine the extent of the crimes committed. Every single member of the frat needs to be kicked out of school and the frat closed. If anyone should feel the embarrassment of this situation, the frat should. What kind of young men are we raising, that they do not see the right and wrong of their acts. These aren’t children here, these are grown ass men that although they likely come from an affluent background, they should know the difference between right and wrong. These men have ruined the college experience for these women. It is only fair that they should sacrifice their college experience in return as well as any criminal or civil litigation that may be taken against them.

As much as I hate to say it, somebody needs to keep a close eye on the women in this story to make sure they do not do anything stupid out of embarrassment or shame caused by this situation.

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