Kidnapped California woman’s father: ‘Please don’t hurt her’ –

Why wouldn’t you show a picture of an abducted woman in case somebody saw her?

Kidnapped California woman’s father: ‘Please don’t hurt her’ –

The subject story tells us about a young woman that was kidnapped and is being held for ransom. The story gives the woman’s description, but neither the video nor the article include a picture of the woman. They say they are asking that anyone that may know anything to contact police, but without a picture to go by how is anyone to know if they know anything or not.

I think I would absolutely freak if my daughter was kidnapped. I’ve been half crazed for the better part of 25 years or so since I was able to hold her last. Divorces really suck. Back to the subject story. The father mentions that he fears his daughter being put through horror by her kidnappers, as I guess would any man would worry. It is odd that the Police would go public with a kidnap for ransom case. You would think that they would be concerned for the woman’s safety while they arrange paying the ransom or maybe they already blew the ransom portion and the kidnappers are pissed about it. Man, would that suck big time, and explain the going public with the case.

Kidnap for ransom was fairly common years ago. About 30 years ago I was a Private Investigator and I picked up a few jobs as body guard for some of the more affluent that were concerned about their children being kidnapped. They were mostly boring jobs with snotty little children and teenagers that were more a management problem than a kidnap risk. But, I took the threat serious enough, and got paid well for doing the job.

There is not many situations so cruel as a kidnap for ransom. A majority of the time the person kidnapped is not returned even after the ransom paid and when you cooperate fully with the kidnappers demands believing your child will be returned safely and then your child is not returned, it leaves the parent hopeful until a body found. The wait is terrible for the parent and other family members.

I hope this situation works out good for all concerned but, I have a feeling the ransom part of this crime has already failed and now the kidnappers are angered possibly taking their anger out on the woman. If I were the parent and.or the police in this situation, I think I would have the woman’s face plastered everywhere people looked in hopes that she is spotted by someone that calls her location into police.

One thought on “Kidnapped California woman’s father: ‘Please don’t hurt her’ –

  1. Interesting news today! This gal turns up 400 miles away at her parents house, “Don’t pay the ransom Dad, I escaped.” Of course it is a bunch of B.S., but the girl is okay. What a bunch of crap!


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