Woman brutally beaten with skateboard in Venice | abc7.com

Full grown men playing like little boys on skateboards, and they beat these people down . . .

Woman brutally beaten with skateboard in Venice | abc7.com

There probably is not much I haven’t seen in the way people hurt each other, but there is nothing honorable about full grown men beating a woman down by beating her with a skateboard to the head.

Seriously, when you decide it is necessary to have a physical confrontation with another person, don’t you consider what kind of confrontation you are going to hold? Certain things just make you seem like a big damn pussy. Yes, that is what I said. Look at the subject video. Look at how big these  young men are. Is there any excuse for them to use anything as a weapon at all. First off, they are fighting, no attacking a woman. And, there is more than one man attacking the woman noted in the video. So what kind of “pussy” attacks a woman by slamming a skateboard to the woman’s head? Watch how hard he swings that skateboard. Was his intent to kill the woman?

What is really messed up about this, is the men who did this are running around thinking that they are so cool, when anybody that watches this film, knows that there is nothing cool about these punks at all. All fights like this should be filmed. That way we get to witness how tough our men really are. Maybe, this woman deserved a beat down? But, did she deserve a beat down by multiple men and hit up side her head with a skateboard? And, is it appropriate that multiple full grown men gave her that beat down?

Police are not going to have much difficulty identifying the attackers in this case. All they have to do is look for the biggest pussies in the neighborhood and they will easily find them. Men, you have to respect yourself more than this if you want the respect of others. Of course, you will first have to learn that real men do not hit women and then grow from there. There is nothing prideful about beating a woman down with a skateboard. I doubt you will see a real man in the mirror next time you look.

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