Ohio woman accused of trafficking daughter, 11, for heroin – SFGate

Every so often you came across a story that just pisses you off, that is how this story affected me.

Ohio woman accused of trafficking daughter, 11, for heroin – SFGate

As a parent, especially a mother, you are trusted by your child to protect them and help them grow to understand the world we live in. Well the 11 year old girl in the subject story (click the link above) got a sobering view of the world in which we live as her mother pimped her out for dope.

I am a strong advocate of legalization of drugs because I believe current drug laws and drug prevention methods are not effective and may actually be more harmful to our society than many of the alternative solutions. But, I am also a very strong advocate for the need to increase the penalties for crimes affecting children. In my opinion, if you rape a 50 year old woman, she is at least old enough to mentally process the act and move on with her life. If you rape and subject a child to sexual assault and exploitation, that child may go all the way to the age of 50 before she is capable of mentally processing the act and moving on with her life. Subsequently, by raping the child the rapist has actually destroyed the entire future of the child. (Mind you this is not supported by scientific study, survey, or research. This is my own contention, based upon my observation of life and our society. I am not suggesting the act any less painful for one victim or another, but that the metal understanding between the two victims are significantly different.)

What is the difference between killing a child and destroying a childhood? Actually, there is little difference except the hope for the victim regaining their childhood vs. death. But, for most child victims, the involvement in the sex acts lead to the destruction of the childhood, first by guilt then by reality. And, what of the child that hides the abuse and later commits suicide because of the guilt they feel although they are a victim. The child committed suicide, right? That’s how everyone will see it, but that isn’t true. The child was murdered by the person who took advantage of the child, just the murder was committed by the victim. Am I making sense here?

Every act committed upon a child will in one way or another effect that child’s future We as adults do not have the right to steal a child’s future by causing deliberate harm to that child. And, many crimes affecting children are of this nature, but do not carry strong enough sentencing for the crime. In my opinion, if you commit an act against a child that destroys the future for that child it should be a “death penalty” case, more so than murder. At least with murder the victim does not continue to suffer, where some of these crimes against children leave the children suffer for the rest of their lives.

Our society either has to better protect children or, quit having them because we cannot protect them. The end result of the cruelty towards children is far more costly than we have yet to understand as the abuses sometimes are passed from generation to generation not as genealogy but as victimization. (Your mother abused you, you abuse your child, etc.) So, in my mind we might have a future of “don’t have them if you cannot protect and rear them properly.” But, isn’t that common sense in the first place . . .

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