There Is So Much Bad News . . .

There is so much bad news this week, I‘m damn near afraid to pick a topic. We have a cop shooting a Black Man that chose to run, but why did the man run? Then a couple other people shot by cops in the past few days, weeks, and months. (Just trying to cover all the bases) that leave me wondering if we have a new trend. Is there a genetic fault incops Black people that makes them want to be on the business end of a police firearm. I mean, WTF! I have no problems being color-blind and turning a deaf ear to racism, but this is beginning to get less than acceptable for all concerned. Black folk, please stop giving anybody an excuse to shoot you. Before a cop even reaches for his gun, put your hands up in plain sight and do not move until the cop tells you to do so. It is far better to get “bank” in Court after a false arrest, than it is to be pushing up daisies because you gave them an excuse to shoot you.  Being “macho” can make you dead. Let’s not let that happen.

Then there’s this guy gets chased on horseback to get beat down by about nine cops long after he has gone to the ground. These cops beat this guy by punching, kicking, smacking with a baton, and probably got bit by a cop too. (Okay so maybe he didn’t get bit, but we do not know for sure do we) Did this guy really think he was going to get away with half the police department in hot pursuit? I wonder what he did that pissed all of those cops off enough to get beat down like that? The video showed like nine differencourtmoneyt cops smacking this guy around. They probably should have stopped beating him and taken him into custody right after they took him to the ground. This incident certainly looks like cops being abusive. We will have to see how this plays out. I think there is a new program for criminals . . . Come get your ass whooped, make bank from our City or County  after you take us to Court for beating you down. Then criminal gets to retire a rich man and no longer needs criminal pursuits. There you go, I figured it out. Were going to stop crime by paying all the criminals big money. All the criminal has to do is participate in our “Officer Stress Reduction Program” for a short period of time, usually less than 15 minutes. Criminals can make “millions,” sign up today!

All I have to say is there is far too much beating and killing by police lately. But, you have to realize that in most of these incidents that the person shot or beat made the wrong decision. When police approach you, you have an obligation to cooperate with the police. You do not have the right of flight or combat, either of these choices will not end well for you. What you do have is the right to wait until your case gets into the Court to have whatever acts committed against you to make you a fist full of City, County, or State money have the police of wrongfully arrested you. What I am trying to say is, don’t fight the cops on the street, fight them in the Courts if you have been arrested wrongly. Even if your case questionable you may still find yourself being offered an “out-of-Court” settlement just to dispose of the case. Now which is better, ass whooping/shot dead or money from the government? Do the smart thing, take the money. It is a lot less painful and makes for a better future. Regardless, you all find a way not to be hurt by our men in blue . . .please!   

8 thoughts on “There Is So Much Bad News . . .

  1. It’s scary to think how much police got away with in the past before everyone had cameras on their phone. It is odd that he ran. Perhaps he was distracting the officer so that his buddy in the passenger seat could get away. I don’t know how anyone can begin to explain shooting the guy 8 times while he was trying to run away.

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