7 Signs Your Personality Is Annoying For People Around You | Psychologium

All of my friends need to read this because all of them are annoying as hell. I however, suffer from no such affliction as I am perfect in every way . . .

7 Signs Your Personality Is Annoying For People Around You | Psychologium

Okay, enough of the jokes . . . I am perfect. or perfection at least. Okay, so I suffer from all of this stuff. At least I take the time to read it and recognize your faults!

The subject article ( click the link above to read it ) discusses 7 signs that demonstrate you might be annoying to your friends and others around you. The article breaks it into the following individual topics:

  • Your Friends And Family Constantly Tell You To Cheer Up And To Look At The Bright Side Of Things
    • We all know someone that fits this scene. Even when the sun is shining above a perfect day, they have predestined that “shit happens” will be along soon to mess the day up.
  • Your Co-Workers Tell You That You Are Very Patronizing
    • Is this usually the youngster fresh out of school, first week on the job, that thinks he knows everything?
  • You Are Always The One People Come To For The Latest Gossip
    • Damn it Alice, shut up. That is none of your business . . .
  • You Are Always Late And Unreliable
    • In the good old days it was considered responsible to show up to work fifteen minutes to allow yourself to get ready to go to work at your assignment. Jobs that required the oncoming shift relieve a position and exchange any necessary information with the outgoing shift lived by the 15 minute rule as a matter of need as well as respect.
  • You Are Constantly Competing
    • If you want to compete, go play a sport where everybody is competing also. True competitiveness is with actual competitors on the opposing side. Can you win when playing against others not playing the same game?
  • You Are Selfish And Temperamental
    • May not be a desirable trait, but it helps keep your toys your own, and stops most people from engaging in unwanted conversations. 
  • You Are Plain Rude
    • Rude is taught to our youngsters long before the three “R’s” now a days. I do not believe I have seen a less than rude young person in years. And, that includes my own kids.

How about you? Do any of these annoying traits fit your personality? C’mon, tell the truth . . . that’s what I thought. And, this leads us to the most annoying thing people do . .

  • You lie all the damn time
    • We all know this person. If their lips is moving, they is lying. We used to call them “pathological” Now we call them Politicians or dip-shits, you fill in the blanks.

There you go folks. You have now been empowered  with the knowledge to correct your failings and become a better citizen tomorrow. C’mon, lets have some enthusiasm out there. Read the article again. It is possible for you to quit being a dick to all your friends. Heck, some of us may actually like you once you start being real. Try it, it cannot hurt too much to try. There is something to be said about being “real” You can be a “dick” while being “real” and not be a “real dick.”


10 thoughts on “7 Signs Your Personality Is Annoying For People Around You | Psychologium

  1. Right. I’ve read that, I’ve memorized it, and I’m now a better person, which means I know everything and no one can criticize me, ever. And if they get annoyed? They’re wrong, because I’m now perfect. Thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll give the nurse a credit card. I don’t exactly remember the name on it and I don’t have my reading glasses, but I’m sure she’ll be able to make it out. Thanks so much for your help.


      • Hey! Isn’t that my credit card? Damn, I knew I didn’t buy that television, computer, cell phone, vacuum cleaner, set of dishware, linen set, car polish kit, car stereo, art, art, and more art, or all that jewelry. . . Can I have my card back please?


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