Texas Paramedic Has Perfect Response to Conservatives Whining About a Living Wage for ‘Burger Flippers’ | Alternet

This guy has the right answer to the question about living wages . . .

Texas Paramedic Has Perfect Response to Conservatives Whining About a Living Wage for ‘Burger Flippers’ | Alternet

Which is more important, the doctor that saves lives or the guy who pours the doctors coffee in the morning. Some folks will argue either way depending on your choice. The facts are, that the doctor does not make his coffee. He may have more important things to do, but if he were to make his own coffee, what is time worth to do so? And, this is how the calculation should start.

If a person makes coffee whose time is valued at $400.00 per hour and it takes him a half hour to do so, he has spent $200.00 of his time making his own coffee. So, why is it a problem paying the guy that makes the coffee for this person a living wage of $15.00? If it takes you a half hour to drive to work and your hourly value is $30.00 per hour, what is your problem in paying $15.00 for your Uber driver?

You see, our society is ridiculous. We all want to get paid every penny we have coming to us, but none of us wants to pay what we should pay to others. What makes you think your job or position in life makes you more valuable than anybody else? When you get up in the morning and reach for the clean clothes you plan to wear for the day, do you really think your time more valuable than the person that cleans your clothes. I tell you what . . .

Take a week. Every service type task you have done for you, such as driving, cleaning, meals, and anything else you have others do for you, and do them yourself. Do them on your work hours or before/after work. It’s better if you do them during work hours so you can see how much you doing the task would impact your earnings. At the end of one weeks time, you should be humbled by now. Nobody is expecting anyone to pay the service worker  $200.00 for their cup of coffee, but that service worker likely pours at least a few dozen cups of coffee in an hour for probably a combined $1000.00 or more valued customers. Is it really so unreasonable that he receive a living wage of $15.00? Or, is it just that you think yourself better than the workers that provide the services to you. Believe me, you cannot cook, clean, drive, paint, sweep, or pour as well as any of those workers. Think you are tough? Be a Waitress for a week, or a Uber Driver, Maid, Coffee Server, Store Cashier, or any other service occupation and you will discover that because of people like you, their job is a real pain in the ass and if you think dealing with your bullshit attitude isn’t worth a living wage of $15.00 per hour . . . Think about it. Tell the truth. Offering them more money might be your choice right about now . . .

Check out the subject story, it is a good read. Click the link at the top of this story to get there.

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