Stupid, Making Everything Racial . . .

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I am going to call a Black Man “stupid” and a “racist” both in the same sentence and an aggressive “bully threatening violence” in the next sentence. First, let me describe the gent I am referring to. This guy is Black, football player big, decently dressed, and educated, but he is  either having a bad day or somebody pissed in his Post Toasties because he is pissed.  Why is he pissed? He ordered an item off the local KFC menu that they had to cook fresh for him as they had sold out of the item prior to his order, and people that ordered after him that ordered items other than chicken strips were getting their orders fulfilled before him.

I want you to understand what he is angry about. Somebody prior to him ordered the last cooked “chicken strip” so the cook at the KFC needed to make a fresh batch of chicken strips so his order could be fulfilled. So because he had to wait for this to happen he is going to treat the little girls working the counter as though they have intentionally run out of chicken strips so that they could treat him poorly by making him wait because he is Black. He sits and stands around the lobby of the KFC in a very aggressive posture and every time he is addressed he finds everything the girls say offensive yet nothing the girls say is offensive at all or said in an offensive manner.  How do I know? Because I am standing in the lobby near him and I have seen every bit of this situation unfold. And, I also was waiting on the chicken strips being cooked, but as I was unsure if I would be able to wait for them to be cooked I hadn’t ordered yet. I was going to get one of the “GO” cups with  strips and wedges if they finished cooking before I had to leave, thus both of us were waiting for the same thing.

At one point I am standing next to the gent in the center area of the lobby, and you can feel the heat of his anger. Well, I am a social person and it would be rude of me to ignore anybody so close to me so I start a little small talk just being friendly. Now mind you, I stand about a head shorter than this guy, he outweighs me by a hundred pounds of solid muscle, and he is at least 15 years younger than my years of 58. It would not have mattered what I said to this guy, this guy was angry and wanted to go off on somebody. He was angry because he thought he was being subjected to some racial offense because they had to cook a fresh batch of chicken to give him his order and nothing you could say was  going to make him feel otherwise. I wonder if it crossed his mind that he could have asked for a different piece of chicken as substitution so he did not have to wait? But, I made the mistake of saying “She offered you a free soda for the wait” because I thought maybe he didn’t understand the girl was trying to give him something in return for the delay. He says something about the soda not being enough, adding “You do not need to help me” in a very aggressive tone. I tell the guy sorry but I was just pointing out that they ran out of what you ordered, and before I got half the sentence this guy is right in my face, “YOU DO NOT NEED TO HELP ME” and he looks like he wants to beat me into about a dozen separate pieces. “Well fine then, I’ll just step out of your way then” and I start to retreat from him. He doesn’t allow my retreat and follows me aggressively pushing me by crowding me with his chest as I make my way to the door. At the door he pushes up against me with his chest and I put my hand up against him indicating that he has touched me to which he disregards the fact that he has made contact with me and starts claiming I touched him first. We proceed  outside where he is still right on top of me trying to intimidate me with his size, making threats of how he was going to whip my ass and so on and so forth. I even tell him I am to old and too tired to fuck with him and that I was trying to retreat but he wouldn’t let me, to which he continues to threaten and berate me. At least now his anger is directed at me and not the KFC employees.

This situation is completely over the edge. This monster is about to kill me over a fucking piece of chicken, that is being cooked because they ran out of the damn item because the store was busy and people ordered the last cooked portions before he got to place his order. Why? The why is because this man is both stupid and a racist and chooses to try to intimidate everybody by acting like a damn bully threatening violence and because I am just as stupid because I see the situation for what it is and think his racist bullshit over a piece of chicken having to be cooked as a form of racism against him as ridiculous and chose to be around him in the first place. I did not cower in fear from this man. My retreat was not in fear of this man although there was little doubt that he would have easily beat the shit out of me. My retreat was because the situation did not warrant fighting, nor even getting all butt-hurt about it. This is the type of situation that people get into which if they do not see the stupidity of the situation people get hurt, people end up losing more than just a fight over a piece of chicken, because they choose not to step back and look at the situation. And, in this situation racism wins if allowed to.

No blows were ever thrown, but the threats and attempted intimidation continued until he received his order. As a parting gesture he reminded me how lucky I was to be alive and “Don’t you ever put your hands on a Black Man.” And he walks away like he had just won some sort of significant battle. This man thinks just because he didn’t get to beat me down that he did something through intimidation making me afraid of him. He fails to see that all he did was scare little girls and get in an old mans face, for what? A fucking piece of chicken. This guy sees the reason to threaten violence and be an asshole to everyone around him as justified, FOR A FUCKING PIECE OF CHICKEN! Nobody called him the “N” word. Nobody suggested anything offensive. The girls working there were very polite and told him when they took his order that they would have to cook his item as they had ran out of the item and cooking the item would take a few minutes. There was absolutely nothing racial about the incident, except him.

To the Black Man subject of this story, I apologize. I do not work for KFC, I am not anybody special. Nobody in any portion of this situation was racist towards you in any manner and believe me not a single person involved in this situation wanted to make you angry. Again, I apologize for any offense you may have believed I committed towards you. You were treated no differently than any other person that would have to wait for an item to be cooked. And, they even offered you a free soda for while you waited. Thank you for restraining yourself so that I am still alive to write this, you really would have wiped the floor with me had you not have restrained yourself. I do ask you consider something . . . YOU WERE ABOUT TO KILL ME OVER A PIECE OF CHICKEN, not your mama’s chicken and not the big piece of chicken, Really!

8 thoughts on “Stupid, Making Everything Racial . . .

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  2. You know what troubles me about this article? It goes nowhere, as if reading it, discussing, or even it’s mention is improper. You wonder why a cop uses his gun in situations like this. It is because, this beast of a man would have whipped my ass but good and I would not have been able to prevent it. This is what a cop sees when a man like this attacks him. Should I have been afraid, yes very much so. Was I? Not really, at the very beginning of the confrontation I had already resigned myself to an ass whooping that was gonna hurt, and I am an old man now . . . Why be afraid now, my exit is just around the corner anyway.

    My concern however is over the fact the topic suggests the Black Man was wrong and he was about to beat down a White Man, that the Black Man was conducting himself like an ass in a public restaurant and threatening violence over a fucking piece of chicken, but it hardly gets read and has very little interaction. Just like a 17 year old unarmed White Boy can get killed by police and there is no public outcry as if “white lives do not matter.” Do you know how many White people march with Black people every time a Black person is killed? At least 50% of the protesters I saw for Michael Brown and Eric Gardner were White. We can keep sweeping these things under the carpet and racial tensions will increase.

    Equality means equality for everyone, nobody any better than anyone else. You need to believe it, you need to live by it. Anything else just allows racism to win. And, haven’t we had enough of it.


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