Republicans and Democrats unite to promote Uber… and kittens | The Verge

Are our politicians being bought or are they really this stupid!

Republicans and Democrats unite to promote Uber… and kittens | The Verge

Absolutely any politician that supports Uber, is failing to see the ramifications of allowing Uber to continue. Uber’s plans call for the disruption of all of the “car-for-hire” services.More retro clipart at This includes Taxis, Limousines, local rideshare services, and any other service that transports people anywhere and gets paid to do it. In most of America Uber is well on it’s way to succeeding in this part of their plan. And, they are doing so by use of unfair competition practices with the help of our politicians.

  • Uber is being allowed to operate without standard licensing and local permits because they claim they are a “technology” company and not a transportation provider.
    • This is false, Uber is a Taxi Service with computerized dispatch.
  • Because Uber does not have to pay any of the regulated fees as required of the other services, nor pay it’s drivers even a minimum wage, Uber is able to charge fares as low as 70% less than taxi services.
    • Taxi Services, Limousine Services, and every other form of “car-for-hire” Service is regulated by the local Transportation Authority which sets the fares these services may charge the public. Uber charges well below what the regulated cars have to charge and is not competing at a fair level for the consumer.
  • Uber has claimed that use of Uber Services will reduce vehicle traffic in and out of our major cities. Local Taxi Services are regulated restricting how many cars they can have on the road.
    • `The reason Uber is able to get a car to a passenger location so fast is because Uber has at least twice if not more cars on the road than any of the other transportation services at any given time. This does not reduce the vehicular traffic in any way.

srftaxiUber by claiming not to be a Transportation Provider has been allowed to circumvent local policy for being able to put cars-for-hire on the road. In most major cities nation-wide, were a new Taxi Service to want to start business in any city, they would have to buy their way into the market by purchase of a “medallion” allowing them into the market served.  What the medallion system provides is the requirement that a new service would have to buy out the old service for the right to put cars on the road.

    • Although the medallion system is wrought with abuse to everyone including  the drivers, it does protect the medallion holders investment. Uber has been allowed to circumvent any such investment leaving the holders of the current medallions losing their investment. Since the Government regulates the medallion system and has shared in generous profit of such since the 1930’s, the loss of such will also be to our city’s income. The problem with not observing the medallion system, Uber and the other TNC’s are not required to buy into the market but are allow3ed to compete in the market for free. Since the 1930’s Taxi Services have had to pay the Government for the right to operate “cars-for-hire” on our streets and have invested heavily to do so. The medallion holders investments are all subject to being lost, on a government required program.  Keep in mind that Uber is nothing more than a Taxi Service with computerized dispatch that has been allowed to circumvent government regulation at the expense of these medallion holders investment.
  • Uber has not, won’t, and never will accept responsibility for anything done under the Uber name. Uber claims drivers are “Independent Contractors” and anything that happens is the driver’s responsibility. The regulated cars like limousines and taxis carry commercial insurance and are adequately insured in the event of accident or injury. UberX drivers are supposed to be adequately insured by use of their own personal auto insurance policy coupled with Uber’s commercial insurance policy, this is actually not the case but still was approved by government provided a new portion of insurance to fill a gap in the insurance between when the driver is dispatched until rider pickup.
    • This is another poor situation. Almost none of the insurance companies will actually cover the Uber,  Lyft, or other drivers in this category.  Drivers using their personal policy are doing so contrary to law and may be liable for insurance fraud. In any event the driver’s policy will likely be canceled should they file a claim with their insurance provider. Yet, our government allows the insurance requirements not to be increased to a policy that actually provides the necessary protections for the community, the rider, and the driver. Uber collects a Safe Rider Fee from every rider request completed that goes into Uber’s pocket but does nothing to protect the driver’s interests.
  • When Uber first commenced doing business, drivers were paid well. During the past year Uber has demonstrated themselves to be just as inscrutable as the medallion holders of old. Instead of a medallion, drivers require an App which comes at a price quite similar to the Taxi in that in order to profit the driver must work very long hours to make any money. Uber presently has reduced Rider’s fares by reduction of Driver rates to such a degree that most UberX drivers cannot earn a minimum wage regardless the effort put forth.
    • By our government’s failure to properly regulate Uber, the government has allowed Uber to act as a medallion holder setting the drivers incomes and expenses  to the loss of drivers ability to earn a real living. The need for government regulation of this has long been known simply by looking at the past for Taxi Services and our government has been negligent in this regard. Uber no longer pays a decent wage and will not negotiate a new contract with drivers, yet continues to modify the contract in Uber’s own favor and require the driver accept the change or not work with Uber. Many drivers have made significant investment in working with Uber, just quitting would leave the driver financially impaired.

The foregoing is only part of Uber’s plans. To this point, Uber has taken thousands upon thousands of jobs that paid adequately to support a family and reduced them to poverty level incomes without any benefit to anyone except Uber and their investors. Uber’s plans do not stop here . . .

  • Uber has reduced all of the jobs that Uber’s disruption has effected thus far to poverty level no benefit part time jobs that do not support family or provide for even a true minimum wage income.
    • The United States at this time, more than any other time in history needs good jobs for the American Worker. Uber is stealing these jobs by the thousands without our government doing a thing to stop it. Any politician standing for allowance of Uber’s continued degradation of available employment needs to rethink his loyalties for the future. If you think thousands and thousands of people that cannot find a job to support their families are going to be happy with that politician, you are wrong.
  • The final stage of Uber’s plans call for the disruption of even their own drivers for replacement of the drivers and their cars by autonomous cars controlled by Uber’s computers.
    • Autonomous cars are going to be a part of America’s future. We all realize that we will not be able to hold technology back, but with the loss of so many jobs, soUber many peoples investments what are we supposed to do with all the unemployed that Uber will leave us with? Our current unemployment systems and Welfare systems do not have the ability to add so many people to their roles. Uber simply cannot be allowed to continue unregulated destroying jobs and creating a system in which Uber is the only one that benefits at the expense of the American Worker and the Taxpayer that has to pay for the destruction left in Uber’s path.  This nightmare does not end just at Uber. Should Uber be able to continue without regulation the Trucking Industry will follow behind eliminating all of the ground transportation jobs nation-wide. They are already testing autonomous trucks. Are we as a Country ready to give up all of the jobs that support families so that the only ones to benefit are the likes of Uber and their Investors? Or, do we need worry at all . . . The taxpayer will likely have to pick up the tab anyway.

It doesn’t take being knowledgeable of politics to see that the politician that supports Uber unregulated, has no concern for the American Worker, how the worker will support his family, or how much the Taxpayer will have to contribute to cleaning up after Uber. Nothing in Uber’s plans provide any benefit to anyone other than Uber and their Investors, unless your politician is one of Uber’s Investors of which I am sure there is little doubt that many political figures are such. Politicians need to pay attention and do what is right for their Country, not their pockets.


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