WTH, Is This Really What Think It Is?


Here I am tooling down Stanford Street in Emeryville, CA when I spot what must be a Buzzard walking up the street eyeing me suspiciously. Seriously, he was eyeing me like I shouldn’t give his ass up. Sorry brother bird, but I’m snitchin you off for sure. THERE IS TURKEY IN EMERYVILLE!

Actually, I spotted this bird over a week ago but was not able to capture him on film to support my story. This morning I spotted him and got back to him fast enough that I grabbed a few pics.

Now without the pics, were I to walk up to you and tell you that “I saw a turkey this morning in Emeryville” what would you think? And, with it being this close to Thanksgiving? Yes, you would likely believe I was having some sort of drug-induced fantasy. Well, here’s the proof:

I took these pictures from my cell phone while driving south on Stanford Street in Emeryville where Stanford intersects San Pablo Avenue.

20151115_070541_edited This is the same pic as above, just enlarged enough to see the turkey. You may not think this that significant a story because there are wild turkeys all over the bay area. There are gobs of turkeys in the Fremont Hills and the Oakland Hills. There are not many wild turkeys in the Emeryville area. Most turkeys prefer a wooded area in which to roam. There is little wooded area in Emeryville. And, turkeys tend to dislike automobile traffic. San Pablo Avenue in Emeryville is almost as busy as the 880 freeway. Thank the good Lord there is less traffic at 7:00AM on a Sunday morning.

20151115_070622_editedBefore any of you Turkey Hunters get any big ideas, Turkey Hunting on the streets of Emeryville California is against the law. If you were to get caught by local law enforcement with your old 16 gauge shotgun loaded with a few rounds of bird-shot, resting in your easy rider rifle rack against the back window of your Ford pickup, you will likely be arrested. And, what Cop in his right-mind is going to believe any story about turkeys in Emeryville in the first place? Even if they have seen it, they’ll probably deny it. So, DO NOT even allow hunting this bird to cross your mind.

I have to admit, this is one of the strangest things I have ever seen, for two reasons. 1.) Turkeys, as I have said, do not frequent the Emeryville area so far as I have been told. 2.) There are way too many homeless and hungry roaming these streets for this turkey to have been roaming the streets in this area for very long.

At least now, I can tell the story, “Why did the Turkey cross the road” without folks thinking I was seeing things. C’mon, you know why the turkey was crossing the road? “To get to the other side.”  Ya all’ have a nice day!

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