Some Politicians Do Not Care About The American Worker

Presently, a whole bunch of politicians are out there posturing and running their lips about how wonderful a President they would make and before you  decide which one you might vote for, ask yourself a question . . . Which of these Presidential  Hopefuls gives a damn about the American Worker.

You see, all around the world today we have companies conducting business as part of the new “gig” or “sharing” economy. What this means is they run a business via a SmartPhone Application that allows a consumer to hire service personnel via a click on a SmartPhone. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It would be cool if these companies weren’t taking jobs needed by the American Worker to support their families. Service jobs are our maids, delivery persons, car services, and a bunch of other jobs that presently are performed by people hired by a company as an employee. Tomorrow these jobs will be performed by Independent Contractors.

maidThe problem with this is Employees are provided protections under the Fail Labor Standards Act which establishes numerous rules applicable to overtime, work hours, compensation, minimum wage, and a bunch of other rules applicable to workers, while Independent Contractors are not provided such protections. It is my contention that Independent Contractors were not included within the FLSA because nobody believed the position of Independent Contractor would be subjected to the exploitation and abuse that some employers are demonstrating today. The Independent Contractor position was intended to be a business to business position in which the Independent Contractor was paid a fair rate to provide services to the business while still being paid well enough to do the job plus profit from doing so. The advantage for the Employer is the Employer does not have to pay an Independent Contractor vacation, overtime, medical/dental benefits

Our new “gig” or “sharing” economy takes jobs that pay at least a minimum wage, are protected by the FSLA, pay taxes, and provide support for families, and replaces these jobs with part-time gigs that may not even earn a minimum wage, have no protections, make the worker liable for taxes, and do little to support family. This new economy does one other thing . . . It allows the business offering the services to make “bank” by exploitation of the workers and allows the business to remove themselves from any liability, forcing such liability upon the workers. And, in the case of Uber . . . Travis Kalanick has disregarded every labor law and business ethic to run the biggest scam in history at the expense of the American Worker now and into the future.

It is very likely that our politicians will fail to do anything to stop the impact of the “gig” or “sharing” economy and a few years from now we will understand that the “gig” or “sharing” economy has disrupted jobs that were needed by the American Worker to survive and grow.

Employee Independent Contractor
  • Commonly has hourly pay rate above a minimum wage.
  • Most have sick leave, vacation, Workmen’s Comp Insurance
  • Are eligible for Unemployment Benefits
  • Are protected by the FLSA
  • Provide opportunity for upward growth
  • Some even provide some Medical\Dental benefits
  • Taxation and Unemployment Insurance receive business Owner’s contribution.
  • and Workers are paid for their entire work period
  • Has some job stability.
  • Often is paid by the individual job at a flat rate for completion of the task.
  • Receives no sick leave or other benefits.
  • Has to pay individually into Unemployment to be eligible for use.
  • Is NOT protected under the FLSA.
  • Has no upward growth.
  • No Medical\Dental.
  • No contribution from employer.
  • And, workers only get paid for a portion of their work.
  • Absolutely no job stability.

Now, after the new “gig” or “sharing” economy transforms good jobs into jobs that serve nobody but the Corporation at the expense of the worker, what will we have for jobs forheavy-box the American Worker? The new “gig” economy jobs provide nothing of value to the American Worker, the only value is to the company providing the services that contract the worker. There is no stability, no benefits, and often less pay than the employee position would have, plus the Independent Contractor is made liable for everything.

Let it suffice to say, that the new “gig” or “sharing” economy is working contrary to the needs of this Country as this Country needs jobs, real jobs, jobs that pay the bills and support family. We do not and cannot lose all of the jobs that will be lost to this new economy. This new economy promises lots of unemployment, an excessive burden to our welfare services, and a lot of unhappy American Workers. It will take a good many years to correct the harm caused by this new economy. If you believe this new economy a good idea . . . Think about the future, your grand-children, and where they will find employment that provides them a stable job.

As we watch our politicians making promises for the future, remember the politicians that support this “gig” or “sharing” economy. Their failure to act to prevent this from happening is what allows this to happen . . . See that they are held accountable for their negligence.


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