Piece of Shit People

Ya know, it just amazes me how many people out  there are nothing more than pieces of fecal matter. I mean it!  There are more people out there that are looking for ways to fuck you than there are people that know how to spell the word”integrity.”  Nobody accepts responsibility for their own negligence, nobody speaks the truth, and nobody has respect for anything or anybody anymore.

Over the past couple weeks I have done a little “checkin out the block” which is actually visiting neighborhoods around town just to see what’s shakin.  Even the best neighborhoods now have a “Street Pharmacist” and it is amazing any retail outfit is able to survive. Places like Walmart and Home Depot are losing product by the cart-load. Go to any Walmart parking lot, there will be a “homeless caravan” that has a handful of good honest folk just down on their luck. The rest are people that identify store security and management  personnel and easily avoid them while cleaning the shelves of product without paying for it. Once out of the store with the product they return to return the product for “store credit” because they have no receipt to show. Then they either use the store credit to buy something sellable or sell the card to a vending machine that pays a reduced amount on the card value. Regardless, it is a “win win” for the thief. They flock to Home Depot also with their schemes sometimes just having so many of them in the stores at the same time that personnel working cannot keep track of who is who. Sometimes use of a decoy shopper allows them to shop unobserved just because security and store staff are quick to follow a “seedy, dirty, looking character. There is so much retail theft going on that I cannot understand how you can make money doing retail anymore.

To make matters worse, even the guy you think is honest to the bone gets in on this deal. When one of these folks scores a good sellable product he sets out to sell it everywhere and anywhere he can. Selling this stuff to even the most honest guy on the block is easy, simply sell it cheaper than the price tag on the packaging. Money is so tight most everywhere that  even Mr. Honest himself is tempted to go for any deal that is a deal. Folks just have to take any good deal that comes their way. It didn’t always used to be like this.

Bicycles seem to have a less than reasonable ownership span. You used to own a bicycle for years. Now, if folks see a nice bicycle unattended for more than a few moments, and your brand new shiny bicycle will change ownership on you. I believe I saw the same bicycle change ownership a half a dozen times in a few hours the other night. It was one thing when the average bicycle cost around $100.00 to $250.00. Now a low end bicycle can cast you an easy $250.00 with prices ranging well over $1500.00 for a top of the line model.  Here’s a tip . . . If your bicycle costs as much as a used car, buy a better lock and quit leaving out where it can easily be taken. And, get insurance on the darn thing. Somebody needs to develop a GPS sending unit that you conceal in the bicycle frame that makes the bicycle traceable for a day or two so you can find your stolen bicycle more easily. Because there sure isw a lot of stolen bicycles out there.

There’s a lot of folks playing like they are your friend, just to get close too your assets now-a-day that deserves mention. Folks that try too hard to make you comfortable 2with their presence are pretty much happy to see you go so they can do something that you really would disagree with being done. People that you believed were nice normal people are just  waiting for someone to scam for one thing or another. I swear that there are more scam-artists out there than real people. You just do not know who you can trust.

Oh, I forgot the other thing going on. The Postal Service and Delivery Companies like Fed Ex  and UPS have one or two things in common. They all deliver packages to your front door. The other thing they have in common is that there are people lurking around every corner to snag those packages off your doorstep. It is happening in every neighborhood, more the good than the bad, because the good neighborhood has better packages being delivered than the poorer side of town.

Of course there many other ways that people try to take advantage but with each passing minute I am getting older. Frankly, when you get my age it is time to use these minutes wisely, so I’ll spend a few minutes harvesting earthworms. They tell me you can make money raising these critters, but I don’t raise them for money. I raise and harvest earthworms for gardening and to feed to my chickens and ducks. Gardens always need a good supply of earthworms for aeration and for composting to worm castings. Chickens and ducks are funny to watch racing around after worms. Hey, it passes the time.

That”s all for now . . .I am going to go stir up the neighborhood a bit.

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