There Is Little I Have Not Seen . . .

Man sentenced for selling 3 daughters to pornographer

But this has got to be one of the most disgusting stories I have ever heard . . .

This jerk has three daughters, ages 12, 14 and 16. If I read the story right he sells his three daughters to a pediphile pornographer who over a period of about 2 years rapes the girls and makes pornography of them.

What would make a man sell his daughters under any circumstances? Dope, booze, or what? I just cannot imagine caring so little for my child, that I would sell her into an abusive life knowingly. I mean it is bad enough to sell your child, but to sell her into a life of rape and sexual abuse? How is the child ever to overcome the feelings associated with being treated like that by the man that is supposed to love her and protect her from such evils?

We humans sure do a lot of evil stuff to each other. And most of it, not necessary, or wanted by the person it directed to. I don’t understand, how does a person come up with the things they do to others? I mean by the time you are adult age, can’t others see you are an evil  individual and seek a cage for you? No, I guess not. Most evil folks look and act just like you and me.

You can access the subject story, by clicking the link at the top of this article. We really need to stop being so cruel to one another. How do you stop being cruel to each other when society  looks hell-bent on distruction, like a runaway train, rushing for the end of the track? Folks, be kind to each other. At least be tolerant of each other.  And for f%^ks sake, do not destroy the lives of your, or anybody else’s children . . .

2 thoughts on “There Is Little I Have Not Seen . . .

    • The offense is terrible enough because these girls will likely never truly overcome the damage created by the pornographer. But, to have their parents allow it, incite it to happen as well as abandon the children to be used by the pervert in the first place . . . How does a child get past the feelings of not being wanted by their parents, when the parents sold them into sexual abuse and exploitation? I hope these parent’s souls rot in hell for what they have done. That is after they get raped and abused in prison. Boy, have I got a case of external hostility and need for vengeance, or what?

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