Merry Christmas Everybody!

We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas . . . Well sing along everybody!

Snowman1.jpgNobody in the mood for singing ?  What a shame, or how fortunate. Were you to be subject to hearing my voice, you’d likely be calling the Animal Rescue folks reporting a live cat being skinned. Oh well, back to the Christmas Wishes . . .

Seriously folks, from me regardless the hat worn when you interact with me, Merry Christmas. I hope the best for you and yours. And, of course, I hope you’all  get the toys and underwear you hoped for.  I know a few of us expecting a lump of coal but, I hope it not many. 

I hope your Christmas morning full of laughter, joy, and happiness.  I know some will experience the lonliness of waking to an otherwise empty home. Don’t sit there all alone. Get out, go someplace, do something. Go out for coffee, take a walk in the park, or go to church. You would be amazed how many people there are that are all alone, that do not need to. Open your heart, make friends. 

There are those that are surrounded by family and friends. Remember to be forgiving and tolerant of others, especially those family members that have tried our patience during the past. Remember you only have to put up with them for today, then you can go your separate ways. But at the same time, consider the possibility youu may never see them again. Never be able to tell them how much you love and miss them in your life. 

When I was young, I promised myself a life without regret. Now I am old, and my life full of regret. Don’t allow your life to fill with regret. Pick yourself up, shake it off, and learn to live again. But, DO NOT carry regrets within the rest of your baggage. It becomes a weight too heavy to carry.

I have no idea how this reached this deep. I simply want to wish everyone the merriest of Christmas!

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