World record holders of sex (21 Photos) : theCHIVE

You have got to read this! World record holders of sex (21 Photos) : theCHIVE Have you ever wondered who holds what record for sex activity? The most streakers? The longest ejaculation Youngest mother Most orgasms Longest orgasm Most semen swallowed Longest pubic hair Strongest vagina Most sex partners Longest flapping session Most dangerous sexual…

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Love and Whiskey

Originally posted on Uncommon Graces:
As you stole a glance across the room, As you locked your eyes on mine, As words fell from your drunken lips, As you unraveled my heart one string at a time, As your hands stacked each brick upon my chest, As you embezzled the air from my lungs, As…

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This Is What It Would Look Like If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls – Video Dailymotion

When I first saw this, I had no desire to even consider discussion of the topic, But, then I thought of all the times some bitch pulled up beside me while walking down the street and tried to pick me up. I tell you, these whores treat you like a piece of meat. You can…

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