Doc Ricketts San Francisco

I have had a pretty good week. Met a lot of folks, including this next guy with a laugh you can sink your teeth into. ( I know, corny, but I am not a professional ) This next guy is a managing partner I believe, for a place called “Doc Ricketts” which is a restaurant/club with a theme based on Doc Ricketts. You will either have to visit the restaurant or Google  “Doc Ricketts” for the historical data that informs you what Doc Ricketts contributions to history was to earn such a following.

The restaurant serves an excellent menu of fine food while the underground venue of “Doc’s Lab” serve a variety of cool entertainment such as Big Band music on Sunday and Monday I believe. Tuesday & Wednesday are for the Comedians to entertain you, and the rest of the week is live music by select excellent bands making for a full week of cool entertainment

Doc Ricketts

Cuisine, Culture, Community

124 Columbus Ave. – San Francisco, CA – 415-649-6191 or for additional details

Dinner starts at 5:00PM and Show starts at 7:00PM

Tell Charlie Brown that Rich in the Uber Car sent you. It won’t get you anything extra, I just want folks to tell him that I suggested they visit there.

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