If you found $5.00 ?

Say you were just walking down the street and looked down and saw a $5.00 Bill laying on the ground, whose is it

2 thoughts on “If you found $5.00 ?

  1. I have actually found small amounts of money in random places, but I just pretend like I don’t see it. It’s not mine to take. If it was a goodly amount, I would turn it over to the authorities. No, I’m not a goody-goody person, but I know money problems and losing some is so hard!

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    • You, my dear, are one of the few that seem to understand “if it is not mine!” I applaud your honesty, integrity, and understanding. Now, how do we teach these values to our youth when they see drug dealers and people like Uber’s CEO that think stealing and screwing everybody over is acceptable conduct. It’s interesting that a criminal can steal, he’s a crook. But, a multimillionaire is a good businessman when he threatens the entire US economy.

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